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TPM - Getting you on TRAC with the TPM Lambing Program

Hot off the press is the TRAC Performance Minerals Lambing Program...

Preparations for ensuring your lambing season is a success is a matter of planning for the critical stress points throughout the year and ensuring the key strategies are implemented to maximise productivity and profitability.

Whether your farm is Autumn Lambing or Spring Lambing, the TPM Lambing Program is specifically designed to help you understand the nutritional requirements of your Ewes & Rams. TRAC Performance Minerals can assist on the ground with sound nutritional support and the tools to achieve production targets for your Lambing Program.

So head on in to your local Rural Store to collect a copy today & see where Our TPM focus can have the most significant impact in your Lambing Program...


Your TPM Team




Mark Facy

0427 243 320

Scott Colbert

0427 119 146


To download a copy of The TPM Lambing Program, please click the link below...

Download PDF • 592KB


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