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At TRAC we have a team dedicated to ensuring your hard work achieves the desired outcomes for your business by utilising systems and tools specifically designed for the agricultural industry with the goal of optimising productivity and profitability in mind. 

Whether it be nutrition advice, business coaching, undertaking on-farm projects or incorporating quality mineral solutions into your feed strategy, your partnership with your TRAC consultant is the one of the most important relationships required when implementing the key strategies for your business's success.  Building the foundations to ensure the production system is sets up to achieve the genetic potential of your herd/flock, optimise pasture utilisation and maximise the returns to your business is the ultimate goal of your consultant.



Managing Director &
Business Productivity Consultant


Tom has an extensive understanding of the Australian dairy industry with a practical/hands-on work history from a dairy farm hand to the owner operator of a 400-cow family farm.  With over 20 years experience at an executive level in the field of business management and nutrition services specializing in large herd nutrition, farm financial analysis and business management consulting. 


Tom's experience with a leading dairy nutrition firm originally fuelled his passion for improving dairyfarmer's lifestyle and longevity within an industry that is plagued with fluctuating milk price and seasonal setback.  Through the use of result focused strategic tools and quality custom mineral supplements, Tom understands the importance of a clear vision and how determination and drive are paramount for a successful business.


Role Undertaken within TOTAL RESULT...
  • Develop and manage the strategic direction of Total Result’s businesses

  • Provide the nutritional advice and business support to large herd private and corporate dairy farms operating throughout the South East and Fleurieu regions of SA and Western Districts of Victoria

  • Provide detailed business and strategic advice including the implementation of TRAC FARM into dairy farm businesses - a specifically designed on-farm financial analysis tool

  • Design & outsource the manufacturing of a full range of market leading minerals called TRAC Performance Minerals (TPM)as well as a range of custom made additive supplements for calves and cattle in both the beef and dairy industries

  • Manage the TRAC Farm Solutions due diligence team in processing reviews of new farm investment opportunities including the physical and financial undertakings involved and submission of full detailed report and budget analysis of the project for board of investors

  • Co-founder of Forage Lab Australia, feed testing laboratory operating in mid North Victoria

  • Coordinate & facilitate of TRACtion Focus Group



Senior Ruminant Productivity Consultant

Owen has committed to the Total Result team after 2-years of part time consulting in the Western Districts of Victoria as our Senior Nutrition Consultant and for the last 6 months has proven to be an invaluable team member, not only building a book of new dairy business, but also consulting to large scale beef and sheep enterprises.

He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of ruminant productivity with over 10 years’ experience within the dairy industry to the TRAC business and is excited to be offering our clients responsive, competent and excellent service moving forward.

Role Undertaken within TOTAL RESULT...
  • Provide the nutritional advice and business support to private dairy farms operating throughout the Western Districts & Border Districts of Victoria & the Mt Gambier region of SA

  • Provide the nutritional advice and business support to large scale beef and sheep enterprises operating throughout the Western Districts & Border Districts of Victoria & the Mt Gambier region of SA

  • Input and analyse farm financial positions and forward project feed & forage budget requirements using a range of specifically developed on-farm financial analysis tools such as TRAC FARM  & TRAC FODDER

  • Key influence in new consultant training programs

  • Manage and report on research & key product development trials on farm across the ruminant sector for TRAC



Ruminant Productivity Consultant


Mikaela joined the Total Result team as a graduate consultant in March 2017 and has since undertaken a lengthy training program within TRAC. She has shown tremendous skills and is already a huge asset for TRAC with excellent research skills, some of which you will have seen with the launch of our bi-monthly newsletters and the tech articles Mikaela has been distributing. 

Her thirst for knowledge in innovative strategies for improving productivity is the perfect framework to provide support into nutritional research projects undertaken at Total Results as well as her methodical skills to provide the technical support of Forage Lab Australia’s client base.

Role Undertaken within TOTAL RESULT...

  • Provide the nutritional advice to private dairy farms operating throughout the Border Districts of Victoria, the Mt Gambier region and Fleurieu regions of SA

  • To develop and distribute research papers and technical reports for a greater understanding of nutritional strategies undertaken and the impact on farm productivity.

  • Input and analyse farm financial positions and forward project feed & forage budget requirements using a range of specifically developed on-farm financial analysis tools such as TRAC FARM  & TRAC FODDER

  • Coordinate & facilitate the TRACtion Young Farmer Focus Group

  • Provide the technical support to Forage Lab Australia clients in understanding theirs reports

  • Manage the day-to-day administration & marketing campaign of Forage Lab Australia throughout Australia

So no matter what task is required
for your business to further it's success,
be it nutrition advice, team coaching,
decision impact assessments
or project management,
the team at
TRAC are ready
to ensure your hard work achieves the




Chief Operating Officer &
General Sales Manager

Paul comes with a wealth of experience as a general sales manager for over 15 years with a leading retail operation in the Limestone Coast in SA. 


This vast history along with his motivation and drive is set to take TRAC operations to the next level with strategies for further development of TPM branding in the retail markets as well as improved efficiencies in the operations of each TRAC division  

Role Undertaken within TOTAL RESULT...
  • Oversee manufacturing of quality TPM product line with best practice processes, procedures and performance standards

  • Ensure our TRAC consulting and sales team remain motivated and productive; providing leadership at all levels

  • Direct and coordinate activities to meet TRAC's growth objectives

  • Establish new corporate retail alliances for TPM products, through the creation and implementation of marketing strategies for a WIN WIN benefit by all involved

  • Ultimately help not only TRAC but also our client's business's to grow & thrive




TRAC Performance Minerals, TPM

TPM Team Leader & Productivity Consultant

Mark comes with a vast history of both the corporate and owner-operator beef and sheep markets throughout Australia. His understanding of the importance of a balanced nutritional feed strategy to maximise productivity allows him to improve response of finishing stock and the bottom line.


His executive skill base is also apparent in his present role where placement of core additive lines into key retail stores is his motivation for positively impacting the industry at both a local and regional level.


Mark is passionate about seeing beef and sheep enterprises prosper through the coaching of nutritional knowledge at the farm level and the improvement of stock health overall through the use of leading edge minerals and additive supplement proven in the field.


Role Undertaken within TOTAL RESULT...
  • Develop strong marketing strategies to identify market needs within the beef and sheep sector for TPM

  • Support TPM sales team through nurturing relationship opportunities direct on farm and through retail stores

  • Provide the nutritional advice and business support to beef & sheep enterprises utilizing tools such as TRAC 
    FODDER for the assessment of pasture and forage on-farm resources and required purchases for targeted productivity goals and market demands

  • Coordinate & facilitate TPM productivity focus groups



Financial Consulting Support & Executive Assistant

  • Executive Assistant to the Managing Team

  • Admin support for the TRAC Dairy Productivity Team

  • Financial Analysis and reporting on updates for the TRAC FARM Clients

  • Executive Administrator to the TRAC Farm Solutions due diligence team

  • Process orders for product deliveries for the Dairy sector of TRAC PERFORMANCE MINERALS

  • Manage TPM manufacturing accreditation processes ie Feedsafe



Business Manager 

  • Manage and monitor Total Result’s business strategies direction and processes

  • Manage Total Result's financial reporting, budget & KPI assessment

  • Manage TRAC accounts 

  • Oversee Personnel and all associated HR requirements

  • Develop and implement Total Result's marketing plan including the development of TRAC, TPM and Forage Lab Australia's websites & all print media design & distrbution

  • Manage the social media and other marketing mainstreams for TRAC & TPM including website updates and blog publishing

  • Develop and design Total Result's strategic tools and farm based programs to assist in delivering a second to none consulting service including the development of TRAC FARM & TRAC FODDER

Profile Picture.png

Rosie Nettle

Receptionist & Administrative Support

  • Front of House / Reception Manager at TRAC Main Office

  • Support for the day to day administration of the consulting team

  • Accounts Clerk for TRAC

  • Process orders for product deliveries for the Beef & Sheep sector of TRAC PERFORMANCE MINERALS

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