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At TRAC, we are committed to building a complete consulting program that is customized to your business needs and delivers TOTAL RESULTS.

Covering all aspects of your agri-business requirements, not just animal nutrition, in an initial consultation, we will assist in determining your business and personal goals and then develop strategies and tools to ensure these outcomes are met.

We offer a range of consulting packages to suit your business needs with our most popular annual program delivering 5-weekly visits or when most needed at the critical times throughout the season, we undertake the follow key strategies:


Cows in a feed lot with fresh feed
Dairy cows standing in a green grass paddock looking at the camera
Flock of sheep in a green grass paddock
Herefords in a paddock with long brown grass.
Car parked in a feed crop
Dairy cows in a feed lot with fresh feed



Health & Nutrition Management 

  • Ration formulation & balancing to optimize animal health for the ultimate performance from your herd/flock, focusing on the key nutrient ingredients of Energy, Protein & Fibre

Production Management 

  • Dairy:

    • Transition & Lead Feeding

    • Lactation Management

    • Managing the Dry off Period

  • Beef & Sheep

    • Stock Group management

    • Meat production target

Joining Management 

  • Conception Rates & Submission Rates

Young Stock Rearing

  • Growth Targets & Skeletal Growth 

Grazing & Pasture Management

  • Increase UDM Production

  • Focus on Quality HG Feed Intake

  • Develop annual feed budgets utilising TRAC FODDER


Farm Analysis

  • Historical review of where the business has come from and what it has achieved to date

Goal Planning

  • Identify the business's key goals and performance targets both in a productivity and profitability level

Budget Projections

  • Accurately calculate a cash projection of the farm's inflow and outflows through detailed feed and financial budgets using a specifically designed tool TRAC FARM

Decision Impact Assessments

  • Evaluate the merit of different scenarios and farm decisions based on the physical and financial impact on the business 



In conjunction to the TOTAL package available, for the large scale private and corporate market there is also the introduction of the following project management initiatives...


  • Undertake Due Diligence analysis of entire operation for corporate purchases

  • Analyse the constraints of large scale dairy operations 

  • Work with the  management team in devising a detailed plan for large scale dairy development projects to be undertaken on farm 

    • Manage the implementation process

    • Monitor the progress

    • Analyse the project undertaken to ensure it meets the desired outcome

    • Assist in trouble shooting strategies

  • Train current staff in the future use of the new system 

  • Implement training manual for future staff induction of the dairy system used on the farm 

  • Audit the existing systems and implement on-farm procedures and policy manuals as reference material for existing staff, future staff and consistent implementation of on-farm practices 

  • Assist in the selection process for new (green-fill) sites

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