Total Result Ag Consulting is committed to building a complete consulting program that is customised to your business needs.  Covering all aspects of flock requirements not just health & nutrition advice, we focus on the detail to ensure your business's wool & meat production targets are met through result focused coaching guaranteed to achieve the TOTAL RESULT.


Sheep in the foreground look straight ahead, with the rest of the flock in the background.
Managing your stock's requirements 


Ideal for the client who wants stock health & nutrition advice as well as coaching in key productivity management areas such as lambing, joining, detailed finishing programs & maximise pasture utilisation and forage response efficiency.

  • 12 month Nutrition Service – 3 Consultations guaranteed for stock nutrition with your Key Productivity Consultant

  • Ration Formulation & balancing for each stock group

  • Subscription to our quarterly TRAC Beef & Sheep newsletter & TRAC Tech Tips release

  • 24 hr / 7 days a week Phone Support


Flock of sheep in the paddock


Managing your stock's requirements & reviewing your farm’s business needs


Ideal for the client who wants to take their nutrition consulting to the next level and review his business’s strengths and weaknesses with a full farm productivity & stock performance analysis; includes an annual feed forecast based on the productivity targets and set outcomes for their business

  • 12 month Nutrition Service – now with 6 Consultations guaranteed with your Key Productivity Consultant to review not just the stock nutrition but also with the farm's production needs with relation to fodder plans and finishing stock needs

  • All the inclusions of the Standard Consulting Package with additional benefit of...

    • E-consult sheets & access to your consulting records via our Client Data Portal

    • Pasture & Forage Budgeting with the tailored support tool TRAC FODDER


Flock of sheep and lambs running towards the camera in a green paddock.


Coaching your farm’s strategies

Ideal for the corporate client who wants to regularly measure & monitor their business’s protocols and procedures to ensure their investment is working at the optimum level and delivering the TOTAL RESULT to the bottom line.

  • 12 month Nutrition Service – now with 10 Consultations guaranteed with the leading ruminant experts within the TRAC team, looking at the whole farm business from nutrition optimisation to forage maximisation to business profitability

  • All the inclusion of the Complete Consulting Package with additional benefits of...

    • Extended annual consultation with farm planning session and forward feed forecasting

    • Access to TRAC TOOLS via our Client Data Portal