Total Result Ag Consulting is committed to delivering a range of service packages that meet the specific needs of your farm business.  From basic nutritional and herd health advice to detailed coaching for your farm business, all aspects of the service ensure that your business productivity and profitability targets are met.


Dairy cows siting down in a green paddock.
Managing your herd’s requirements 


Ideal for the client who wants herd health & nutrition advice as well as coaching in key productivity management areas such as production, joining, young stock & pasture grazing.

  • 12 month Nutrition Service – 10 Consultations Guaranteed

  • 5 Weekly Rotation or when needed most

  • 24 hr / 7 days a week Phone Support

  • Annual Feed Budget


Cows in a feed lot with fresh feed


Managing your herd’s requirements & reviewing your farm’s business needs


Ideal for the client who wants to take his nutrition coaching to the next level and review his business’s strengths and weaknesses with a full farm business & herd analysis; includes an annual budget review based on the client goals and set outcomes for their business

All the inclusion of the Standard Nutrition Package with additional benefits of...

  • Quarterly Cashflow Budget Reviews

  • Business Constraints Analysis including Historical Financial Review

  • Detailed Annual Financial Budget (based on your current farming system)


Cow sitting down in a paddock with another cow standing behind


Coaching your farm’s strategies

Ideal for the client who wants the most out of their business development consultations, where the coaching process enables you to control and evaluate your farming system though personalised analysis tools specifically developed for your farm business.

All the inclusion of the Complete Consulting Package with additional benefits of...

  • Monthly Cashflow Budget Reviews

  • Tailored Analysis Spot Check (where KPIs are calculated & reviewed monthly to ensure your business is on track with a personalised worksheet for you to complete on farm)


Dairy cows in a feed lot with fresh feed


Measuring & monitoring your corporate success

Ideal for the corporate client who wants to measure & monitor their business's protocols and procedures to ensure their investment is working at the optimum level and delivering the TOTAL RESULT 

All the inclusions of the Premium Coaching Package with additional benefits of...

  • 12 month Nutrition Service - now with 12 Consultations per annum 

  • Extended monthly consultations with on farm planning session