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Total Result Ag Consulting has been working within the corporate market since its formation in March 2007. 


Offering the board of investment groups not only a review of potential purchases through a second to none due diligence process and practical review of the physical and financial undertakings, TRAC also works within the newly acquired business to assist in the hand-over process, undertakes projects to ensure the success of the investment as a well-oiled machine and introduces the policies and procedures required to ensure staff are trained and educated in the most efficient and effective best practice operations for the industry leaders.

Outsourcing all the key skills required for the assessment, TRAC ensure that the investment opportunities are assessed from both a productivity and profitability stand point so that any issues are identify and potential pitfalls are strategised.

Essential due-diligence services we provide are:

  • Physical inspection of the property and its

  • Soil testing to determine nutrition and pH status

  • Mapping of the property to determine true arable
    area and property boundaries

  • Assessment of future required expenditure on the

  • Preparation of a detailed property report

  • Production analysis based on historical production

  • Financial analysis of likely investment returns

  • Facilitating a sworn valuation of the property

  • Legal due diligence in regard to current ownership

  • Environmental survey and notation

TRAC strives to give the ruminant agricultural sector a true perspective into providing realistic outcomes and returns achievable to the bottom line of corporate investment opportunities.  With a synergistic approach to all aspects of the investment, the analytical process of the project as well as the ongoing support and tools used, ensures your investment provides success productivity and profitability returns.

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