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Cows in a green paddock
Dairy cow in a paddock looking at the camera with other cows in the background
Sheep in a paddock with a group of cows over the fence in the next paddock.


The founders of Total Result Ag Consulting, Tom and Rebecca Thorn, both have an extensive understanding of the Australian dairy industry with a practical/hands-on work history.  From dairy farm hands to owner operators of a 400-cow family farm, they move from a practical portfolio to over 40 years combined experience at an executive level in the field of farm business management and productivity services specializing in large herd nutrition, financial analysis and business management coaching. 

It was this exhaustive resume along with a drive to succeed in their own business that lead them to launch Total Result Ag Consulting or TRAC as it is commonly referred to, in an area that needed the provision of top-level services for dairy industry leaders.


Since its inception in March 2007, TRAC has grown at a phenomenal rate.  The initial business model, comprising of the unique service program offered to top dairy farm businesses throughout south east South Australia, was seen to be inadequate within the first few months of the trading in almost every aspect due to limited supply of quality mineral solutions as well as an expansion into further a field dairy regions.

The South East along with the Fleurieu District in the states mid-south, represents 79% of the state’s total dairy production with the average production for the south eastern region exceeding 7,000 litres per cow – almost 1,500 litres above the national average.  And with the sheer size of the operations within the area as well as the South Australia’s dairy industry target of 1.2 billion litres of milk by 2013, Total Result Ag Consulting saw the need to expand its horizons beyond the standard nutrition advisory service.

So TRAC recognized the demand to expand into different regions and take on new markets (corporate farms in addition to private farms) and also met the needs of the clients by supplying more business coaching and staff mentoring programs and support the full package with with an array of mineral and additive products. 

And it was these factors as well as the further expansion into the beef & sheep sector in 2014 that has set TRAC as the leader of top level result focused services to the agri-industry leaders within southern Australia


How Our Business Will Achieve This.....

We are Experts in Ruminant Productivity, coaching agri-business to exceed their goals through leading mineral solution and result focused tools.


What We Want Our Business To Achieve.....

For Total Result Ag Consulting to be one of the larger influencers of the growing South Australian Dairy Industry through the provision of tailored business systems challenging the top 10% of the market.


Why We Want Our Business To Achieve This.....

To assist our clients in being more efficient and effective in the application of dairy technologies and information in their business ensuring the productivity, longevity and profitability of their farming system.

We TRAC your progress to ensure your business productivity
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