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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Its not going to start raining grass in the next couple of weeks, so are you meeting stock needs now, as their requirements are increasing with autumn lambing and joining preparation for next Autumn calving?

It's a tough time of year to maintain productivity during tight times, however now is crucial to make those checks to hit the ground running when the pastures are ready to go.

  1. Are you feeding enough forage to physically fill the animal?

  2. Is the energy density high enough, to get cows cycling and the ewes milk flowing for the autumn lambs?

  3. Do you have a transition management plan to ease the animals onto pastures, to allow both rumen adaptation and pasture establishment to maintain growth through winter?

These are all questions that can make the year ahead a successful one. For a strong pasture establishment and to begin grazing at full speed, we are looking at still 6-10 weeks away. For that reason, we need to keep feed up to stock now so we can remain productive throughout the year and avoid playing catchup when we should be excelling.


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