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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

At this time of the year the Ram Team can become bottom of the priority list, however now is the time to set thing up from the breeding season ahead.

It is one of the most important livestock activities if you consider the consequences if rams are not 100%

Take time to assess the Ram Flock and address the 5T's

  • Toes

  • Testes

  • Tossle

  • Teeth

  • Torso

For December joining, we need to set our Rams up from September and we have put together a checklist for you.

For more information on the best preparation for your Ram Team leading up to your December joining, please call your local TRAC Expert.


Our Consultants


Mark Facy

0437 243 320

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

0457 243 391


To download a copy of this article, please click the link below

Download PDF • 457KB

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