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Energy Challenges Ahead of Joining this November

For conception we want a rising plane of nutrition and spare energy to tell the cow she is in a positive position to grow a calf! This season has been challenging with unpredictable rain events and inconsistent sunlight on grazing pastures resulting in a pasture that is high in protein & low in Magnesium.

Cows on grass are consuming more protein than their individual requirements and it’s an energy draining process to remove this excess protein from their system. Energy that needs to be reserved to produce a large follicle ready for joining.

Our Ruminant Productivity Consultants are working with their clients closely to put their cows in the best position possible heading into joining this season.

If you’d like to talk with your local Expert In Ruminant Productivity, please contact us….

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Our Consultants


Tom Thorn

0427 243 319

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

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