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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

For some regions now is the time to start preparing for Autumn lambing. This can be challenging depending on the season, as feed quality and quantity starts to decline. The Ewe needs to be on a rising plane of nutrition to stimulate cycling and grow good quality eggs. Throughout the joining period energy is still required for that egg to turn into an embryo and implant firmly and successfully. Things we want to keep in mind:

  • Body Condition Score (BCS)- Start examining your ewes now to determine their current BCS and if they need to gain or maintain weight. We are aiming for a condition score of 3.5 for ovulation and maximum conception potential. Maiden ewes must be 85% of their mature weight by joining.

  • Balanced diet - The ewes body needs to know that it is in good condition to carry lambs. Ensuring the ewe has its basic needs met is top priority. Maintenance off the back of spring grass is more cost effective than having to reach critical targets in summer.

  • Maintaining mineral balance - We recommend offering TPM Flock Boost two weeks prior to and during the joining period. TPM Flock Boost is a proven, cost effective mineral supplements containing Essential Salts, Macro & Micro minerals Inc Vitamins AD&E.

  • Access to clean water is crucial

  • Offload the passengers - Cull now to remove any animals with poor fertility or health issues that won't correct in time such as udder deformities or lameness - anything that will limit their ability to rear a lamb.

Contact Mark or Owen to discuss your Autumn Lambing Preparation this Spring.


Our Consultants


Mark Facy

0437 243 320

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

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