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We are in tight times waiting for the Autumn break, but we can't sacrifice future productivity by not meeting animal requirements now and fully feeding livestock.

It takes approximately 60 days for follicles to grow to ovulatory size, therefore we need to ensure our pre-joining nutrition is on a rising plain for at least 8 weeks before we put the bulls in to achieve for maximum reproductive success.

During this time the cow is recovering from giving birth, working hard to produce milk and trying to hold condition while feed quality is at an all time low - all of which are not sending signals to the cow she is in prime position to carry another calf and have the ability to produce strong hormones for cycling and conception.

Meeting maintenance in the lead up to joining sets the foundations and is just as important as nutrition through the joining period. Checking the quality and quantity of feed to ensure protein and energy are in check to provide the cow with enough nutrients to support her calf and to be in ideal condition for joining is the best start.

Quick Notes

  • Staggers - Keep an eye on stock for any signs of staggers over the next month such has shaking, wobbling, overheating and abnormal behaviour. As soon as you identify a potential issue use TPM Flock Boost Staggers Preventer or TPM Bovine Boost Toxin Binder to help get your animals back to health ASAP. Call of our ruminant experts to further discuss management options.

  • Managing Autumn Pastures - keep up hand feeding to keep animals moving forward. Avoid nailing autumn pastures too soon and sacrificing growth for the rest of the year. Allow annuals to establish and your perennials to regain their vigour for better stands.

  • Transition feeding onto grass - when the pastures are ready to go - look at options to transition the rumen. Rumen change takes 3-6 weeks to fully adapt, ease animals onto grass and keep up effective fibre and salt to help animals deal with the fast flow rate and the soluble protein present in lush grass.


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