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TRAC Must Read - 7 Nutritional Tips for Controlling Lameness

It's a little late in the season but our TRAC Dairy Consultants are still seeing plenty of lame cows around at the moment.

Dairy Global recently published an article discussing the "7 Nutritional Tips for Controlling Lameness".

"Bovine lameness in cattle is one of the key endemic diseases causing health and welfare problems and production losses.
Approximately 85% of the cases of lameness are due to foot health problems such as sole ulcer, digital dermatitis, foot rot, deep infection, and laminitis, with only 15% due to lesions elsewhere on the limb. The magnitude of the economic loss resulting from lameness in dairy units is very similar in different countries, mostly varying between €40-50 ($60-75 AUD) per cow. This loss may be attributed to factors such as reduced milk receipts, early culling, reduced live weight, treatment cost, longer calving interval, and extra labour cost."

Dr Salah Hamed Esmail discusses the key nutritional tips useful for the control of lameness.

  1. Protein Nutrition

  2. Dietary Fat

  3. Carbohydrates

  4. Mineral Supplement

  5. Vitamin Supplement

  6. Diet Changes

  7. Grazing Management

If you're experiencing lameness issues on your Dairy farm, we think this article would be worth a read. Click the link below to read now...

To discuss this dairy article further, please contact one of your local TRAC Experts.


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