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Spring Lambing & Fetal Growth in the last 60 days

Ewes are challenged with 70% of the foetal growth in the last 60 days of pregnancy, placing increased demands on energy in the diet coupled with their own requirements can lead to metabolic issues such as Pregnancy Toxaemia.

Low blood calcium levels during this period also have detrimental effects on milk production and lamb survival rates potentially resulting in losses through Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia). None of this is new information, in fact we are all aware of the traps, sometimes it just takes another set of eyes, a phone call or some cost-effective tools to assist.

TRAC Ruminant Productivity Consultants are here to help you get the most out of your Spring Lambing season.

☎️ 08 8733 1888




Our Consultants


Tom Thorn

0427 243 319

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

0457 243 319

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