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Our consultants are seeing plenty of Grass Tetany out in the field this Winter!

Caused by low Magnesium levels in the animals system, extreme cases can result in death. Magnesium is the only mineral absorbed in the rumen, high protein fast growing forages pass through the rumen too quickly offering little time for the ruminant to absorb magnesium from the food they’ve consumed.

So if you’re noticing loose manure in your paddocks and/or your animals are behaving a little stranger than usual, they might be experiencing a case of Grass Tetany, our TRAC Experts In Ruminant Productivity are here to help you…

☎️ 08 8733 1888




Our Consultants


Tom Thorn

0427 243 319

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

0457 243 319


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