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Mould & Yeast in Forages

Moulds and yeasts are present in almost all foods, but it is the type and amount that can be the issue. Ruminants are excellent animals with the ability to handle standard moulds, yeasts & mycotoxins to a certain threshold without any negative impacts, but like everything, there is a limit…

Have you ever had seasons where animals did not grow as expected, even with a good feed test? Or...

Maybe not as many animals became pregnant as you had expected? Or...

Not as many lambs or calves hit the ground compared to your pregnancy test rate...

When you have done all the checks and everything seems like it should be good and normal, sometimes it can be the mycotoxins impacting animal production and health, and wearing down the immune system.

If you’d like to know more about the preferred range of mould & yeasts in conserved forage, read on here 👉

For more information on the effects of Mould & Yeast in your conserved fodder, contact your local TRAC Expert…

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