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Friendly reminder to test your pastures this Hay & Silage Season!

Results in livestock production systems are ultimately driven by the consistency of feed intake presenting adequate energy for maintenance and performance, protein to support rumen function, and effective fibre to stabilize the process…

Understanding if the feed in front of your animals is meeting their energy requirements is a crucial step. This is just a friendly reminder to test the quality of your forage prior to going into the stack or bale this hay & silage season, this way you can check the quality change throughout the ensiling process and know exactly what you're working with.

Our Consultants are available to assist you in arranging a forage test and to interpret the nutritional values presented in your forage test results, contact your local Expert In Ruminant Productivity today at...

☎️ 08 8733 1888




Our Consultants


Tom Thorn

0427 243 319

Owen Rees

0429 437 823

Mikaela Baker

0457 243 319


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