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ENERGY REQUIREMENTS - Is your pasture meeting them?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

For most sheep and cattle producers right now is the time when energy requirements are at their highest for lambing/calving/milk production, right when growth rates of pasture are slowing down.

Forage is also typically low in fibre, therefore each kg of feed may not be utilised fully.

  • Do you see production losses this time of year?

  • Is your grazing management set for maximum pasture production?

  • Are your livestock scouring?

Some strategies to improve animal performance through winter:

  • Offer hay (pasture/cereal will do), for 2 reasons:

  • Take pressure off the pasture to slow down rotation

  • Slow down the digestion so each kg of forage is utilised

  • Offer some starch in the form of cereal grains

Contact Mark or Owen to discuss the additional benefits of offering starch as a supplement at this time.


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