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Early Weaning Calves

What are the benefits of weaning the Autumn drop calves earlier than the traditional age of 7-8 months without sacrificing growth…?

1. Weaning the Autumn drop calves early allows us to put the cow on a Maintenance Only diet, rather than feeding for maintenance + lactation.

2. By weaning calves early, we can now allocate our best pastures to our young stock and use alternative resources to increase daily weight gains.

3. The earlier we can develop the papillae in the rumen, the faster growth we can achieve… So how do we do this?

Early Rumen Development is the Key…

You can read more about Early Rumen Development for Weaning Calves this Spring on our TRAC Blog here ➡️

If you’d like to discuss the option of Early Weaning Calves this Spring, contact Ruminant Productivity Consultants Owen Rees & Mark Facy…

☎️ 08 8733 1888




Our Consultants


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Owen Rees

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Mikaela Baker

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