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Confinement feeding is a valuable tool to implement for a short-term period, allowing greater control overweight gain and having the animals close by to monitor progress, disease and health.

At this stage in the game those who have decided to run a confinement feeding system will be well into it, and for those who didn't, now is a great time to assess if confinement feeding may be something you need to implement in the future to make sure you are in the correct position coming into Autumn.

Did it work?

Let’s take this opportunity to review how you are travelling this year, and if there are any updates for next Summer-Autumn feeding program.

  1. 1. Were you adequately prepared to feed out through summer to maintain growth rates and production targets?

  2. 2. Did you meet the targets you had set? Why/why not?

  3. 3. Did you have higher losses or disease than you had expected? Do you need to implement a plan to reduce this?

  4. 4. Regardless of which system you chose, was this the most economical decision? Did you get return from your investment? Or could you have achieved greater results from investing in more infrastructure or equipment?

Take the opportunity to review summer feeding options with one of our local TRAC Experts.


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