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Our DAIRY Range


Total Result Ag Consulting’s product development arm,          Performance Minerals, offers a full range of specifically formulated minerals for every stage of the cow’s life.

Our Core Dairy Product range include the following quality options available in either pelletised or powdered form.

Dairy cows sitting in a green paddock
Dairy cows eating some fresh feed
TRAC Performance blend bags and pallet display in store

        Performance Blend 7

A customised dairy mineral formulation that has been developed for lactating dairy cows on grass based systems in the south east of South Australia as a complete macro and micro mineral mix for use on dryland and irrigated annual and perennial pastures.


Formulated to allow cows to cope with the daily requirements of milk production (up to 7500 litres) and each stage of the lactation cycle,              Performance Blend 7 will ensure the cow has the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to challenge milk production levels without creating health problems.

It also contains Bovatec® and Acid Buf™ to assist the cow with stable rumen health while on diets formulated to challenge production levels.


         Performance Blend 9

A customised dairy mineral formulation developed for high production dairy cows on grass-based systems in the south east of South Australia as a complete macro and micro mineral mix for use on dryland and irrigated annual and perennial pastures.


Building on the base formulation of Blend 7,       Performance Blend 9 
is a customised dairy mineral pellet designed to provide the essential vitamins and minerals required by high yielding dairy cows for optimum production, fertility and health.  With the correct balance of organic minerals and trace elements, this blend has been specifically formulated for herds targeting in excess of 9,000 litres.  It also includes an acid buffer, critical for the control of acidosis caused by high levels of grain (7kg +) being fed to target high milk yields.


       Performance Blend 9 is built to ensure high producing dairy cows have the added health resources required to allow them to challenge high levels of production without mining body reserves year after year, creating major animal health issues.  The formulation provides the minerals and vitamins to help ensure cows are able to reach their genetic potential for milk production. 

Variation of both these Blends include:


+ DV-XPC : a yeast culture used to optimised rumen performance through the nourishment of the rumen microbial population

+ Elitox : a mycotoxin binder used to eliminate the broadest range of mycotoxins that may occur in any feed type include pasture and other forage sources

+ Mepron : a rumen protected methionine for improve rumen stability through microbial growth in the small intestine and increased milk production



Dairy cows in a feed lot

Lead On 

A customised transition diet mineral formulation that has been developed for dairy cows throughout the south east of South Australia and Western Districts of Victoria.  It is a complete macro and micro mineral concentrate to be fed in the lead up to calving.

Formulated to boost the cow’s immunity throughout the transition period and allow the cow to cope with the demands of calving, Lead On                               is the correct balance of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health for both cow and calf. 

The powdered range includes the following quality products...

       Performance Custom Blend
A base mineral formulation to meet the specific requirements of lactating dairy cows in powdered form


      Performance High Production Custom Blend
A higher specification mineral formulation including organic minerals for high production dairy cows in powdered form


       Performance Lead Feed
A powdered anionic formulation for the Transition Period to minimize metabolic disease and maximise production in early lactation

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