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Total Result Ag Consulting, or TRAC as it is commonly referred to, offers farmers throughout South Australia and the western districts of Victoria an alternative to the usual consulting services available.  Through a regular consulting program with an assurance of set visits annually on a either a 5-weekly / bi-monthly / quarterly rotation or when it is most needed, TRAC is committed to delivering a complete consulting package that guarantees TOTAL RESULTS.


Working from the animal up, after an extensive analysis of the constraints and abilities of the physical aspects of the business, TRAC develops strategies to assist the farm in achieving the set profitability goals and productivity targets through the use of customized decision support tools, as well as a range of specifically formulated minerals and additives.  This unique process covers all aspect of the agri-business not just nutrition, in a hands-on format that ensures the farmers know the consult recommendations are achievable and will realize the outcomes set.


As experts in ruminant productivity throughout the dairy, beef & sheep sector, we strive to assist our clients in being more efficient and effective in their application of technologies and information in their business. By ensuring the productivity of the pastures and herds/flocks, in conjunction with the longevity and profitability of their business, sustainable business systems are created for the future of the industry as a whole.


So to ensure your business is a leader in it's field, call TRAC to start on the TOTAL package consulting program today or go to the Contact Us section of this website.

We TRAC your progress to ensure your business productivity and profitability.
Cows in a feed lot eating some fresh feed.

Our Services

Offering everything the agri-business needs from nutritional based consultations through to corporate due diligence and project management, Total Result Ag Consulting has your business needs at the forefront of their consultant's mind.

Black and white dairy cows in a paddock

Our Packages

Total Result Ag Consulting is committed to delivering a range of service packages that meet the specific needs of your farm business.  From basic nutritional and herd health advice to detailed coaching for your farm business, all aspects of the service ensure that your business productivity and profitability targets are met.

Our Products

TRAC Performance Minerals is the product arm of Total Result Ag Consulting offering agri-business within the Dairy, Beef & Sheep sector a full range of specifically formulated mineral and additive nutritional products for every stage of the livestock development phase to ensure optimum performance and productivity.

TRAC Performance Minerals, TPM
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