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Nitrate Poisoning - What you need to know!

We’re seeing the effects of Nitrate Toxicity & Nitrate Poisoning in the field this winter as Cattle begin to graze new growth in wet conditions.

Nitrate Poisoning - What you need to know!

Cattle are most at risk.

The first signs of Nitrate Toxicity are:

🟢 Diarrhoea

🟢 Salivation

🟢 Abdominal Pain

An accumulation of Nitrite (by product of Nitrate) in the blood reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, resulting in:

🟢 Difficulty Breathing

🟢 Gasping

🟢 Rapid Breaths

Affected animals present as weak, trembly & may stagger. Severe cases can lead to death!

Cattle can be exposed to nitrate in forage, feed and water, understanding the nitrate levels your animals could be consuming is the first step. Our TRAC Consultants perform a quick test while on farm.

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Our Consultants


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