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New Season Grass - Short vs Long

TRAC Senior Ruminant Productivity Consultant, Owen Rees talks us through it!

We travel far and wide to see and talk with many people in the grazing and dairy industries touching on many topics, but for our Experts In Ruminant Productivity one topic that remains a constant focus throughout all seasons is rumen stability and consistency.

When new season pasture becomes a major part of a ruminants diet we particularly like to focus on the digestibility of the pasture, is the animal eating enough of the plant and not just the leafy tops? Does he or she require supplementary feeds to assist in building a stable rumen raft, which in turn slows down the digestion process offering the rumen bugs more of an opportunity to breakdown the feedstuff? You’ve heard us say it before, we’re feeding the bugs and the bugs are feeding the cows.

In this short video, TRAC Senior Ruminant Productivity Consultant, Owen Rees not only talks us through what short or long green grass can do in a rumen but shows us too with two artificial rumens in a hay shed. For more information on this topic, head on over to the TRAC Blog and read Owen’s article on ‘Getting The Best Out of Your Pasture & Crops

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